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Learn How... experience true wealth and happiness from the inside, where the outer world reflects back to you your inner abundance. In this book, you will learn the power of creating and expanding your awareness around your mind, including the subconscious programming, habits, behaviours, and beliefs you hold.


" If you are looking for a coach with a natural ability to guide your thinking, then Louise is it. I found Louise to be genuinely motivated to help those who are seeking support. Louise has given me the confidence to explore investing. She delivers information in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. I feel confident in the support Louise can offer, as she has experienced personal success and engages with a broad professional network."

~ Ginnie Warren

"What Can I say! It is an absolutely outstanding book!! It is a masterpiece from your heart and soul to the reader's heart and soul!"
~ Michelle MacLean


Discover Tools... help you get unstuck and into the flow of life. Do you feel afraid to make decisions to make changes to your circumstances or feel lost in which direction to go next? Do you feel unworthy of success and money, or feel money is hard to earn? 

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"My belief changed when someone told me I'd have an abundant future...
  ... what you believe, subconsciously or consciously, you receive"

Louise Shadbolt


"Wow" Louise offers up her learned life experiences and shares them unreservedly"
~ Andy Britton

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