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My passion is to help people live an abundant life, taking people to places they didn't know they could go... 


Ultimately transforming people's lives!

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I've discovered sometimes people need coaching on their financial mindset, and I believe 80 percent of financial success is around your mindset. What you’ve got going on inside your head and your relationship with money.

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"Who we are being and what we are doing results in the having"

I believe we all hold our own answers and by asking open questions and uncovering your thinking and feelings people can feel empowered with their decisions around how their financial futures look. You can then create this future for yourself - with me acting as a trusted guide along the way as and when needed.

"Getting really clear on whom you want to become from an authentic place in line with your values"


In addition to my coaching work, I have written a book called Abundant Living released in November 2020. It details not only the life lessons I have learned in my own eventful life, but also some tools to assist with a shift in financial mindset. This includes how to create new habits and build awareness around thought patterns and the subconscious mind. This in turn can change internal beliefs and create new behaviours to enable individuals to build a new financial reality.

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My book is intended to help people to shift their financial mindset with actionable steps, empowering people to attract what they truly want to create in life in an authentic way.

~Louise Shadbolt

About Your Coach



Louise has decided to use her skills on a broader scale, after spending most of her working life in the New Zealand financial services industry.

Offering group coaching, a sense of community for vulnerable customers experiencing adverse life events and circumstances with new connections and relationships, providing a safe, non-judgemental, supportive environment either remotely or in person.


Louise believes customers' life circumstances after a setback can be turned from a negative into a positive through active listening, deeper understanding, and providing tools to enhance levels of understanding, utilising her 20-year background within the financial services industry and her own personal life experiences grouped together within a coaching practice.


Customers are able to reach their own insights and experience personal empowerment through three 90 minute group coaching sessions focused around creating a positive financial mindset and a healthy relationship with money. Her focus is to further develop customer loyalty towards financial service firms, talking to friends and family about how their provider helped them through their life challenges, the impact this had on them, and how their provider had a heart to provide a valuable tool to assist them has the potential to create new customer opportunities.


Offering a competitive advantage and possibly being one of the first in the industry to offer coaching services to vulnerable clients, especially to those clients who have been affected by any adverse life events and circumstances.

If you are a financial advisor and would like to learn more please email:

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