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The Project Idea

Waiwera Thermal Resort

I am conducting due diligence on the old Waiwera Hot Pools/Waiwera Thermal Resort site in preparation for creating a dream I have had for a long time, to buy a beautiful piece of land, a space for relaxation and hot pools within a local community.. 


Since I have authored and published in 2020 the book Abundant Living 8 Empowering Ways to Create the Life you Love and Shift Your Financial Mindset, based on my 20 years of understanding money and how it works energetically. I have since undergone a health crisis and am about to launch another book called Abundant Healing. In the hope to help others from the vast knowledge I have gained on how to heal the physical body.


I hope to incorporate this healing knowledge, preventative healthcare, and wealth knowledge within the Waiwera project, along with engaging within the community, some of whom I understand would like a public hot pool again, to bring the community together, a restaurant and maybe some accommodation and a few shops, my intention is to become a trusted member of the Waiwera community and listen to what residents have to say about the project to create harmony and peace. 


I don't intend to build a big development project with high buildings, I want to keep the housing in consistency with the local housing, 1 - 2 storey and not a lot of housing. Buildings of high quality that need relocation is an option.


My initial thoughts are to keep the land open for recreation activities, pools and maybe an outdoor theatre on the campsite and re open those pools.


Having personally visited Waiwera Hot Pools many times during 1994 -2016 and have, like many others, fond memories of it and I would like to see it loved and enjoyed again. To create an area in honour of the history of the Waiwera Hot Pools and have photos and artefacts.


I have no intention at this stage to make any changes to the units that are currently rented out, this would be the last area to be modified and probably years away.


To uncover the gifts, knowledge and wisdom of the residents of Waiwera, to gain their insight, ideas and best intentions for the old Waiwera Hot Pools site.

I hope we can come together, help and share with each other in the local community in peace and harmony.


If there is anything you would like to contribute to the new Waiwera Thermal Resort or you would like your voice heard.

Please click here to contact me. 


If you would like I can call you back, please provide the best number to call you on. Thank you.

*If I decide not to go ahead with the buying of the site, please advise if you would be happy for your ideas to be passed onto the real estate agent or the owners for the new buyer*

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