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Discover tools to help you get unstuck and into the flow of life.
Do you feel afraid to make decisions to make changes to your circumstances or feel lost in which direction to go next?
Do you feel unworthy of success and money, or feel money is hard to earn?​
Do you feel like life is just happening to you and you have no control?
Do you feel like a victim, feel unloved, used, abandoned, betrayed?
Do you want to stop struggling?
Learn how to experience true wealth and happiness from the inside, where the outer world reflects back to you your inner abundance.

In this book,  you will learn the power of creating and expanding your awareness around your mind,  including the subconscious programming,   habits,   behaviours, and beliefs you hold.   This book has to empower personal insights with proven techniques Louise has used over the years to help you create an abundant life, shifting your focus out of lack and into true wealth.


This book will help with shifting your financial mindset with actionable steps, empowering you to attract what it is you truly want to create in your life in an authentic way. She believes each moment is a gift, a gift to create your future truth, with the knowledge that abundance is your birthright.

Learn how you can finally break the cycle of self-criticism,  living in lack,  feeling stuck,  depressed,  anxious, and lost.

You can move forward with confidence,  grateful and awareness that this moment right now is the biggest gift for you to create the life you love!
  • How we attract love and abundance to us by loving ourselves first and making our own well-being our number 1 priority

  • The material world is a reflection of your soul well nourished

  • Begin  to  see  the  little  synchronicities  as  your  life  starts to flow in the higher vibrations or gratitude, love, peace and joy

  • How  to  uncover  and  let  go  of  the  need  to  have  control  over  the  outer  world  and  how  to  use  intuition,  acceptance  of  what  is  and  trust  in  the  universe

  • A  deeper  awareness  that  you  can't  escape  the  fact  that  everything  is  energy  and  energy  affects  everything in your life

  • The  reality  we  experience  is  through  our  own  perceptions,  the  existence  of  all  things  is  beyond  our perceptions

  • Using the lessons from your past as a gift to learn and grow from and being grateful for them in your evolution

  • The  University  of  You,  how  to  empower  yourself  by   learning   through   deep   self-discovery   and   awakening to limitless possibilities

  • Getting  really  clear  on  who  you  want  to  become  from an authentic place in line with your values

  • How to use your emotions to empower your inner world, feeling the feeling is the key to creating

  • Removing  limiting  mindsets  -  habits,  behaviors,  beliefs and thoughts using mediation, hypnotherapy and   an   awareness   around   how   our   mind   is   programmed

  • Creating  an  awareness  to  observe  your  thoughts  and acknowledge your feelings to start the process of letting go

  • Getting creative to allow your unconditional love to flow out into the world in line with your authentic self

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