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Terms & Conditions for Coaching

Abundant Living Coaching does not provide personalised investment advice - Abundant Living Coaching may provide general comments on concepts and before anyone invests, Abundant Living Coachings recommends seeking professional financial advice.

While every care has been taken to supply accurate information, errors and omissions may occur. Accordingly, Abundant Living Coaching accepts no responsibility for any loss caused as a result of any person relying on the information supplied.


Contractual Agreement:

A contract will be provided to you for signing upon deciding to engage with the services of coaching provided by Abundant Living Coaching. A sample can be provided upon request.

Ethics & Complaints Policy:

If Abundant Living Coaching is unable to resolve a complaint which has been directly sent via electronic format within 7 working days of your notification, Louise Shadbolt as part of being a member of the International Coaching Federation can facilitate a coachee to be able to file a complaint at the link below:


021 886 202


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